database of mites with more than 58.000 names


Foremost I wish to express my sincerest thank to Dr. Jason Dunlop (Berlin), who gave me an entry into the circle of German acarologists. Following this entry there are welcome and interesting discussions with many experts. So Prof. Reinhard Schuster, Prof. Ernst Ebermann, Prof. Guenther Krisper (all Graz), Prof. Czeslaw Blaszak, Prof. Jacek Dabert, Dr. Maciej Skoracki, Dr. Bozena Sikora, Dr. Jerzy Michalik (all Poznan), Prof. Andrey Borisovitch Shatrov (St. Peterburg), Prof. Gerd Alberti (Greifswald), Prof. Gerd Weigmann (Berlin), Prof. Reinhard Gerecke (Tübingen), Dr. Rainer Ehrnsberger (Osnabrück), Dr. Andrea Ruf (Bremen) and so many other academians and students.

I thank especially Prof. Otto Kraus (Hamburg) for so many helpful hinds in nomenclatural queries. And also going my thanks to Drs. Aspöck (Wien), Dr. Zeiske (Hamburg), and Prof. Coleman (Berlin) for informational discussions on the occasions of phylogenetical symposiums.

For arriving informations and papers I thank Profs. Henri Andre, Badamdorj Bayartogtokh, Jan Boczek, Clifford Desch, Norman Fashing, Pepe Fernández, Carlos Flechtmann, Grzegorz Gabrys, Mike Hennessey, Hans Klompen, Danuta Knihinicki, Vince Lee, Evert Lindquist, Alain Migeon, Norihide Ohkubo, Vlad Pesic, Vikram Prasad, Mohamed Negm (Egypt), Sylvia Schäffer, Greg Spicer, Luis Subias, Petr Tuzovski, Eddie Ueckermann, Gabriel Villegas and Zhang Zhi-Qiang.

Also my thanks for unproblematic sendings of literature going to Mr. Kabourek (CZ), Hillside Books (GB), Institut royal des Sciences naturelles de Belgique, Backhuys (NL), de Stokroos (NL), Vangsgaard (DK), Goecke & Evers (DE), Antiquariat Müller (DE), Zentralantiquariat (DE), Antiquariat Schleifer (AT).