database of mites with more than 58.000 names

My aim

My aim is to give a overview to the group starting with Linnaeus 1758 and continues till now. Recently the tables contain more than 58.000 species-names, 7.000 genus-names, and 30.000 papers, chapters and books.

This data-base is a compilation of all named mites and ticks, but doesn't claim to be complete. I focus mainly to systematic and nomeclature. Ecological, faunistical, veterinary, medical, phylogenetic, anatomical, and all the other topics take into consideration too. Almost every day the list is treated.Sometimes the fields aren't complete but this goal is aspired.

I hope this web-site will become a helpful tool for scientists and interested people. I would like it if you have ever more informations, hinds to errors and misprints, and outstanding papers to complete my library.

Thank you so much to all supporters.

And now have a good time on my home page.

your Karl-Heinz Schmidt